Property, Wills & Estate Law

At SSC Lawyers in Sydney, their dedicated team of specialised legal practitioners possess extensive experience and knowledge in promptly handling a vast range of property law matters, including those concerning conveyancing issues, wills and estate law. The property, wills and estate lawyers have helped numerous families navigate through delicate issues with efficiency, sensitivity, and success.

SSC Lawyers are proud to assist and support their client’s at every step of the way, ensuring the best outcome possible is achieved. Working closely with their clients to provide proficient advice and guidance throughout all facets of a property, initial estate planning, administration, or litigation matter. SSC Lawyers Sydney-based firm focuses on their clients and their needs: taking the time to sit down and listen, ensuring they gather the necessary and pertinent information – a complete and thorough understanding – of their clients' personal circumstances. This enables the lawyers to precisely determine the optimal, most fitting legal solution for them and their loved ones.

The legal services SSC Lawyers assist with include (amongst other things):


We understand that the legal process may be a stressful event and we want to be there to provide you and your loved ones with comfort, certainty and clear results. The firm strives to achieve the most favourable outcome for their clients by:

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